45W Super Power Adapter GaN 006C


45W of total power with LED light, the charger charges notebooks, phones and other mobile devices at the highest possible speed.  The adapter offers a standard USB-A connector, but also a USB-C connectors.

Ultra compact size and high efficiency, which allows you to achieve high performance with a small size.

Power Delivery 3.0 /Quick Charge 3.0 USB type C outputs and Quick 3.0 type A output allow fast charging of smartphones and tablets but also charging of laptops. The charger is compatible with fast charging standards for Apple iPhone, iPads, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, as well as PD charging for Lenovo, HP, Dell and other notebooks.


1. QC3.0、QC2.0、 AFC、FCP、SCP、PE+、PPS、PD(up to 45W)

2. The charger supports WIV, AIC and CC function

-Wide Input Voltage- function of a wide range of input voltage; it protects the  adapter against undervoltage and overvoltage at the input and allows the use of more "national power standards"

-Antomatic Intelligent Communction- function of automatic recognition of the connected device to select optimal charging parameters.

-Constant Output Current- the current hold function prevents the output power fluctuations; this function ensures steady course of charging.

3.Complex output protection

-Over Crrent Protection

-Over Voltage Protection

-Output Shart Circuit protection

Pin Fork: EU/KR

Other features:

-Color: White

-Material:PC V0 Fire-proof