20W Super Wall Charger - RLC -533


With total power of 20W and two  outputs Quick Charge 3.0 USB type A a Power Delivery USB type C enables you fast charging not only smartphones and tablets, but also to charge laptops.

Quick Charge 3.0 allows up to 4 times faster charging than a conventional USB charger.


1. QC3.0、QC2.0、 AFC、FCP、PD(up to 20W)

2. The charger supports WIV, AIC and CC function

-Wide Input Voltage- function of a wide range of input voltage; it protects the  adapter against undervoltage and overvoltage at the input and allows the use of more "national power standards"

-Antomatic Intelligent Communction- function of automatic recognition of the connected device to select optimal charging parameters.

-Constant Output Current- the current hold function prevents the output power fluctuations; this function ensures steady course of charging.

3.Complex output protection

-Over Crrent Protection

-Over Voltage Protection

-Output Shart Circuit protection

Pin Fork: EU/KR

Other features:

-Color: White/Black

-Material:PC V0 Fire-proof